Introduction to Perfect Power Systems

The Perfect Power System is an innovative business-and-technology blueprint for the ultimate smart grid — one that meets the needs of 21st century consumers. Developed in keeping with Six Sigma quality methods, the Perfect Power System is an electricity system based on a smart microgrid — a modern, small-scale version of the bulk power grid that generates, distributes and regulates the flow of electricity to consumers locally. A model power system of the future, the Perfect Power System integrates all of the essential smart grid components — distributed generation, real-time pricing, smart technology, smart appliances, renewable energy, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and more. Perfect Power demonstrates that focusing on consumer needs can maximize consumer value and provide cleaner electricity that is efficient, reliable and secure.

Barriers to perfection exist on all levels, but our community- and university-based Perfect Power Systems show that these barriers can be overcome when entities shift their focus to the consumer, conduct smart local policymaking, and invite third-party entrepreneurs and investors to the table.