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What Size Wire for 60 Amp Hot Tub? – Answered

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

What Size Wire for 60 Amp Hot Tub

Hot tubs require electricity for you to enjoy its comfy water. So, it’s important to use the correct wire size when setting it up. The question is, what size wire for 60-amp hot tub?

Generally, hot tubs require 6-gauge wires since they’ll connect to 60-amp circuit breakers. However, the correct wire may differ depending on the hot tub’s specifications and other factors.

Remember, pay attention to a hot tub’s electrical needs before wiring it. So, learn more about using the right wire for a 60-amp hot tub as you read the post below.

60 Amp Hot Tub Wire Size

Remember, despite a hot tub typically requiring a 6-gauge wire, kindly check with a certified and trustworthy electrician to verify local electrical requirements. Avoid attempting a DIY installation if you’re not well-versed in this craft.

Different factors can affect a hot tub’s electrical requirements, especially its wire size. Here are some elements to consider when determining the correct cable to use for the appliance’s wiring setup:

1. Cable Material


Wire manufacturers typically build their products with aluminum or copper as the primary materials. Note that both options have their unique pros and cons.

For instance, a copper wire generally has superior conductivity over aluminum. On the other hand, an aluminum wire can be an inexpensive choice for hot tub owners following strict budget constraints.

For copper wire, you use either a 4-gauge or a 6-gauge wire, even through the latter is more often recommended.

2. Wire Length


How long do you need the wire for your hot tub to be? Remember, the length of the wire has a direct effect on the wire size needed for the setup.

In particular, the resistance increases as the wire lengthens, along with the voltage drop. So, you may need a large gauge wire if you use a reasonably lengthy cable.

3. Voltage


Voltage can also affect your wire size selection for your hot tub, albeit indirectly. It’s because the power that’ll run through the wire is the product of the current multiplied by the current. So, the required power changes with the voltage, affecting the wire size.

For instance, a 110-volt 60-amp hot tub generally uses 6,600 watts.

But a 240-volt 60-amp hot tub typically uses 14,400 watts. If so, the appliance should work well with a 4-gauge wire.

How to Determine the Wire Size for a Hot Tub

Keep in mind that it’s not ideal to “wing it” when determining the gauge wire for hot tub. Doing so will likely lead to efficiency issues.

Instead, divide the voltage by the target current. For example, you have a 220v hot tub, and it has a 60-amp power draw. So, dividing 220 by 60 will give you a value of 3.67, which is your target resistance in ohms.

Next, compare your findings with the standard AWG gauges by looking at a chart. Here’s an example:

AWG Gauge Electrical Resistance per 1,000 ft
0 0.100
4 0.253
8 0.641
12 1.62
16 4.09

Assuming that you must use a 1,000-ft cable, the wire size needed for the 220-volt 60-amp hot tub is a 16 AWG model.


In conclusion, determining what size wire for 60-amp hot tub requires careful consideration of the different factors involved. Still, a good place to start is to use a 6-gauge wire for the setup.

But you shouldn’t forget about other elements, including the cable’s length and material. Also, think about the voltage requirements for the hot tub. If you’re having trouble finding the correct wire for your hot tub, avoid DIY and contact a professional instead.

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