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Can You Plug an Electric Fireplace Into a Regular Outlet?

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

can you plug an electric fireplace into a regular outlet

You’re now a proud owner of an electric fireplace. Now, you’re asking yourself, can you plug an electric fireplace into a regular outlet?

Electric fireplaces often come with power cords that can work when plugged into regular outlets. However, certain models may need to fulfill additional electrical requirements before you can use them this way.

So, continue reading to know all factors to ensure you’re using an electric fireplace correctly.

Depend On Type Of Electric Fireplace


One of the factors to consider when thinking about plugging an electric fireplace into a standard outlet is the fixture’s type. Take note that there are different types of electric fireplaces based on their design and architecture.

Still, you can classify these models into two major categories: hard-wired and electric fireplaces direct outlet. The first type allows the fixture’s wire to remain hidden while the latter variant may have its cords sticking out of the unit.

The direct-wire type also requires an extra kit to work with an outlet, while its counterpart’s connections are fixed in-wall.

Here’s a table for some of the different types of electric fireplaces and their general installation modes:

Electric Fireplace Type Wiring
Built-in Electric Fireplace Hard-wired, so no plugging necessary
Electric Fireplace on TV Stand Regular Outlet
Fireplace Insert
Fireplace Mantel
Fireplace Log sets
Fireplace Stoves

Is It Safe?


It’s generally safe to plug an electric fireplace into a regular outlet. But you should still follow the recommended electric fireplace code requirements to ensure you’re using it properly and safely.

For instance, you should set up a dedicated line for the appliance, meaning the outlet must not be on the same circuit as other electronics. 240V units must also be hard-wired, and plugging them is inadvisable.

Electric fireplace outlet requirements may also include supplemental kits to use the fireplace with standard 120-volt outlets. You should also check the wattage of your outlet to ensure it can handle your unit’s rating.

How Much Power Does An Electric Fireplace Use? And Its Cost


The cost to plug in an electric fireplace and use it depends on factors like the fixture’s power input and your location’s average price of electricity.

For example, a 1,500-watt fireplace might be less expensive to use than a 2,000-watt model. Also, it might be more economical to use an electric fireplace in a state like Nevada than other locations like Alaska or Hawaii.

Here’s a table of the estimated costs of using a 1,500-watt electric fireplace with a $0.08 kWh price for the electricity:

Usage (Hours) Cost Per Day Cost Per Month
1 hour $0.12 $3.6
3 hours $0.36 $10.8
6 hours $0.72 $21.6
12 hours $1.44 $43.2
24 hours $2.88 $86.4

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Electric Fireplace Be Plugged Into Power Strip?

It’s not advisable to plug an electric fireplace into an extension cord. The fixture should use a dedicated electrical outlet as doing otherwise may put the setup at risk of catching fire.

What Outlet Is Best For Electric Fireplace?

120-volt outlets should suffice to fulfill most electric fireplace power requirements. But it’s also important to use grounded outlets to provide extra security during use.

On the other hand, a large electrical fireplace may need a special outlet. For instance, the fixture may require a 240-volt socket instead of a 120-volt variant to accommodate its larger size and heating prowess.

Can You Plug An Electric Fireplace And TV On Same Outlet?


Although it’s ideal to allow an electric fireplace to use a dedicated outlet, it’s still possible to plug in a TV on the same receptacle. However, you should fulfill electric fireplace wiring requirements for this setup to work.

For instance, the outlet should be a duplex model. That way, you can achieve a direct connection to circuit breakers without the significant risk of tripping them. It’s also best if your fireplace has a low heat output with a small electrical load.

Is It Safe To Use A Burnt Electrical Outlet For An Electric Fireplace?

Using an electric fireplace burnt outlet isn’t safe. In particular, you shouldn’t use a burnt outlet in attempting to power any electrical devices. Check the outlet and replace it before running your fireplace or other electrical fixture or equipment.

Does Electric Fireplace Save On Electricity?

Using an electric fireplace will add to your property’s total utility costs. But knowing elements like the electric fireplace amps, your location’s monthly energy prices, and the fixture’s usage may help you manage utility fees.

The good thing is there are 100%-efficient units you can buy, and it often costs less to run an electric fireplace for an hour than to use a washing machine for the same period.


Now that you’re at the end of this post, you should have an answer to the question, “can you plug an electric fireplace into a regular outlet?” Take note that this electrical setup is possible, provided that you abide by certain guidelines.

For instance, ensure that the outlet connected to the electric fireplace has a dedicated circuit. You may add other devices like a TV to the same outlet as long as the total power won’t exceed the circuit’s limitations.

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