The Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal™ Program (The Perfect Power Seal of Approval™ Program)

The Perfect Power Seal of Approval™ (PPSoA) was the nation’s first comprehensive, consumer-centric, data-driven system for evaluating power system performance. Modeled after the Leadership in Environment and Energy Design (LEED) program for buildings, the PPSoA™ filled a major gap in the smart grid movement by providing a rating system with a clear and concise set of criteria for assessing system performance and verifying that significant measurable outcomes have been achieved. It integrated the principles of quality, innovation and excellence, and shifted the current power industry focus from technology to specific outcomes that improve consumer’s lives.

The PPSoA program provided much-needed performance metrics and design criteria that helped industry stakeholders assess, design, operate, and improve electricity systems based on issues that matter most to consumers:

  • Eliminating interruptions and improving safety and power quality;
  • Being cost-competitive with greater transparency;
  • Increasing system efficiency and significantly reducing environmental impacts; and
  • Enabling and encouraging consumer and community participation.

The PPSoA was developed by the independent nonprofit Galvin Electricity Initiative with support from strategic partners: Underwriters Laboratories, S&C Electric, and Pecan St. Inc.  The Perfect Power Institute™ oversees the program, with leadership from a team of industry experts advising the technical development and implementation of the PPSoA.

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