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What Amp Fuse for 12V Cigarette Lighter? – Answered

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

what amp fuse for 12v cigarette lighter

Ever wondered what amp fuse for a 12v cigarette lighter? A cigarette lighter refers to a power outlet commonly located in cars. As the name implies, cigarette lighters are originally designed for lighting cigarettes. 

It provides a 12 volts direct current (DC) power source for different electronic accessories and devices.

The amp fuse rating for a 12v cigarette lighter depends on the maximum current the outlet can handle without causing damage or overheating. However, the most common fuse for cigarette lighter plugs is between 10amps to 15amps.

AMP Rating for a 12V Cigarette Lighter Fuse


It is significant to note that the voltage in a vehicle’s electrical system can vary slightly. 

The amp fuse for car lighter provides 12 volts (12V) which is quite the standard power supply for most vehicles.

Cigarette lighters provide a convenient power source in vehicles that allows drivers and passengers to use various electronic devices. It powers the utilization of devices like GPS units, cell phone chargers, portable music players, and other devices.

In addition, the exact fuse amperage is different for each model of vehicle. With this, it is always best to consult the fuse box cover or the owner’s manual for the appropriate fuse rating to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

Choosing the Right Amp Fuse


It is vital to consider the power requirement of the devices you intend to use with a cigarette lighter to choose the appropriate fuse. 

Here is a general guideline that may play a significant role in selecting the right cigarette lighter amp fuse:

1. Check the power rating of the device 

Identify the maximum current (in amps) of the accessory or device that you are planning to use with your cigarette lighter socket. This information is usually provided in the user’s manual, charger, or power adapter.

2. Add a safety margin 

After identifying the max current of the device or accessory, it is better to add a safety margin (20%). For instance, if the device draws 10 amps, adding 20% margin would give you 12 amps.

3. Choose the fuse rating 

Now that you already know the current rating and the safety margin, you can select the nearest or slightly higher amp rating. The common options for 12v cigarette lighter fuse in cars are 10 amps and 15 amps.

4. Consult the vehicle’s manual

It is recommended to check the owner’s manual of the vehicle or the fuse box cover for specific recommendations about the appropriate fuse rating for the 12v socket.

Always note that utilizing a fuse with a higher amp rating than what is appropriate to the cigarette lighter can be dangerous as it may lead to overloading or electrical damage.

On the other hand, using a lower amp fuse than the required amount can lead to fuse blowing that can damage the electrical system.


The question “What amp fuse for a 12v cigarette lighter?” is a typical question that we encounter with vehicle owners and even passengers.

The most common amp fuse rating for a 12v car cigarette lighter is 10amps (10A) and 15amps (15A). It is suitable to power devices such as GPS units, phone chargers, and other small electronic accessories or devices.

Still, it is critical to understand that the specific amp rating can vary depending on the vehicle’s model and manufacturer.

If you want to make sure that you are using the appropriate fuse rating, it is always recommended to consult a professional or the vehicle’s manufacturer for specific guidance.

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