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Why Is My Electrical Panel Buzzing? – 3 Most Common Reasons

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

why is my electrical panel buzzing

“Why is my electrical panel buzzing?” If, for some reason, you found yourself asking this question, then this guide is written specifically for you. Here, we’ll dive into the causes behind a breaker box making sizzling noise, and how we can remedy it.

Why Is My Breaker Box Buzzing


There are plenty of reasons why you hear that electrical box humming noise. For easier reading, I have listed the reasons why your circuit breaker buzzes when turned on. The causes are organized according to their severity.

1. Faint Circuit Breaker Buzzing

Now, faint, distinct buzzing emanating from your electrical panel could be concerning for homeowners. However, don’t fret! A slight breaker box humming noise from your electrical panel is highly normal and should not be of concern to you.


To explain, what you’re mainly hearing is the flow of electrical current within the circuitry of your home. Circuit breakers, when regulating the flow of electricity, constantly deal with the vibrations of the electrons flowing through the system, hence producing the faint buzzing sound you hear.

However, if you notice that the sound tends to get louder over time, then this may be the time to check your panel and contact your electrician for a scheduled visit.

2. Medium and Noticeable Humming

This type of breaker buzzing noise could signify a plethora of issues. For instance, this type of buzzing could be because one of the circuit breakers is overloaded. However, this circuit breaker hasn’t tripped, or perhaps lost its ability to trip – which could mean that it’s already defective.

You see, a defective breaker incapable of tripping is a serious fire hazard. This is because when faulty circuit breakers don’t immediately shut off the flow of the power supply, there is unregulated access of current, which causes the circuit wires to become warmer – accumulating intense heat that can create fires within your household.


If you’re heavily concerned with the issue of circuit breaker buzzing sound, I recommend that you set up an appointment with your trusty electrician. Do remember: don’t try to fix your electrical panel if you have no idea how to deal with serious problems.

As a tip, I recommend that you check if your home’s breakers are modernly fitted. Based on my experience, some older homes come installed with old circuit breakers incapable of regulating the electrical consumption of more modern appliances.

3. Loud Sizzling Noise and Spark

Finally, another crucial reason behind noticeable circuit breaker sizzling sound is the issue of exposed, damaged, or loose wires. This type of circuitry problem is particularly dangerous as it can cause unexpected electrical fires, which could eventually destroy your home if left unattended.


The reason behind why exposed, damaged wires are dangerous is because of arc faulting. In layman’s terms, an arc fault happens when electricity jumps from a damaged wire to its counterparts. Basically, exposed wires can create “leaking” electricity that can permeate to other wires or even accidentally shock you.

If you hear loud rumblings from within your electrical panel, especially if your circuit breaker starts buzzing when turned on, then I implore that you immediately contact your electrician to fix the said issue.

What Is an Electrical Panel


Your home’s electrical panel houses the circuit breakers that regulate your household’s consumption of electricity. Hence, ensuring the quality and safety of your electrical panel is indispensable when it comes to safeguarding your residence.

Precisely, your electrical panel serves as the main switchboard that shuts off power to appliances in cases of short circuits, overloads, and other mishaps, thus preventing the onset of any electrical accidents.

Now, your electrical panel consists of multiple parts, each with its own distinct task in regulating electricity.

To keep this short, the following are the components that comprise your home’s electrical panel: main circuit breaker, branch circuit breakers, neutral, hot, ground bus bars, and the main bonding jumper.

Because of the engineering complexity behind each of the named components, they all could be the cause behind electrical box malfunction.


Why is my electrical panel buzzing? This is a common problem for homeowners with panel breakers, and it needs to be dealt with carefully.

To help you with this specific issue, I have written this extensive article that could help you determine why your electrical panel is creating noises.

In the end, I can only wish that your concerns regarding buzzing panels have been addressed. If you want to add something to the discussion or have any questions about this guide, you may do so in the comment section below.

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