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How to Roll Up an Extension Cord? – 3 Easy Ways

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how to roll up an extension cord

Is your extension cord tangled every time you take it out of storage? People will often get frustrated with this situation since untangling twisted electrical cords can be a tedious and time-consuming inconvenience.

If you wish to avoid this irritable situation, you should know how to roll up an extension cord properly. This way, you can keep your extension cords tidy and untangled, so you can easily unravel them whenever you need them.

Most professional electricians and contractors have their own wrapping techniques. Know and learn what those are by reading the guide below.

Ways to Wrap an Extension Cord


Are you wondering how electricians and contractors roll up their extension cords so they don’t struggle with tangled cords? They use wrapping techniques such as elbow wrap, braid wrap, and over-under wrap.

Always remember that when wrapping, do not over-twist or fold an extension cord. The wire inside may get damaged, which may cause a short circuit, resulting in injuries or fire.

Here are guides you can use to know how to do each cord wrapping method properly.

1. Elbow Wrap

  • Step 1. Stretch the Extension Cord

Before you start wrapping, I suggest ensuring that you have a no twist extension cord. This is to avoid any problems while rolling it up.

First, stretch your extension cord and start pulling it from one end to another. Once you’re sure that the cord is tangle-free, you can start wrapping it.

  • Step 2. Wrap the Cord Around Your Elbow

Using your right or left hand, grab one end of the cord. Then, hold another part of the cord using your other hand and loop it around your elbow, making a crisscross pattern.

This will make a figure 8 extension cord wrap. Repeat the crisscross loop until you almost reach the other end of the cord.

  • Step 3. Secure the Loop

Before reaching the other end of your extension cord, you can leave at least several inches of it loose. This section will serve as the lock for the loop.

Remove the cord from your elbow and coil extension cord using the loose end. You can also plug the male end into the female end to secure the loop. You now have an elbow wrap extension cord.

  • Important Note: Do not over-twist the cord when making an elbow wrap. Aside from hurting your hands and elbow, the wire inside the cord can also get damaged.

2. Braid Wrap

  • Step 1. Connect the Both Ends of the Cord

To wind up an extension cord with a braid warp, first, grab both ends of the cable and connect them. This means you need to plug the male end into the female one.

It will help if you tie an extension cord with a loose overhand knot where your male and female ends meet. This is to make the first of the chain knots.

  • Step 2. Make More Knots

After that, pull the cables through the first loop you’ve made to create another knot. Continue this process of making a slip knot until you reach the end of the electrical cord.

Unraveling this cord wrap is also easy without tangling. To unravel it, you only need to pull back the last loop and continue with the other loops until the cable is loosened.

  • Pro Tip: If you have a long extension cord that is 50 feet in length or more, you can double the cord. This means you must pull four strands instead of only two.

3. Over-Under Extension Cord Wrap

  • Step 1. Stretch Your Extension Cord

Before making a wrap using this technique, you first need to stretch the full length of your extension cord. Though it is not required, it can make it easier for you to wrap up your cable.

Furthermore, you should also double check that the cord is not tangled.

  • Step 2. Wrap Your Cord Using The Over-Under Trick

To begin wrapping your extension cord, grab its male end and loop a section of the cable on top of the male end. Make a loop of whatever size seems comfortable to you.

For the second loop, grab the cord and wrap it underneath your hand. Repeat the first and second processes of making a loop until you reach the other end of the cord.

Finally, use a tie to secure the wrap.

  • Pro Tip: Over under extension cord wrap can start at whichever end of the cord. I just prefer to start with the male end.


Knowing how to roll up an extension cord properly is essential. This way, you can save time unwinding your cable whenever you use it.

Did you find this article interesting? What is the best way to roll up wires in your opinion? It would be nice if you could share your thoughts in the comment below. Also, feel free to share the article with those who need the guide.

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