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How Many Amps Does an Electric Blanket Use?

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright


An electric blanket can be an inexpensive alternative to a whole-house heating system. But now you’re thinking about how many amps does an electric blanket use.

The typical electric blanket draws about 1.3 amps. However, different models have varying power requirements. So, expect this fairly small appliance to have a power draw range of about 0.3 to 5 amps.

Different factors can affect an electric blanket’s current draw. Here, you’ll learn about these elements in greater detail.

What is the Amperage of an Electric Blanket

Note that the typical amperage range of an electric blanket depends on factors like its size. For example, a small camping electric blanket will typically draw less power than a large king-sized model.

You’ll learn more about the factors that can affect an electric blanket’s amp rating as you read through this section:

1. Level Setting

Level -Setting

Different electric blanket manufacturers develop their products with varying level settings. For instance, a big heated blanket may have 10 temperature control settings. On the other hand, another unit may only have four. 

The blanket will typically draw additional power as you use a higher-level setting. So, use a relatively low setting if you want to save power and energy costs.

2. Size


Below is a table to help determine the typical power requirements of different electric blankets based on their sizes:


Amp Rating Power Draw (in Watts)

Voltage Rating

Lap Size 2.5 60 24
Single Size 0.18 40 220
Double Size 0.9 100 110
Queen Size 2.1 260 120
King Size 3 360 120

Determining Amp Rating for Electric Blankets

Finding the amp draw of an electric blanket is possible using a conversion formula. In particular, you must divide the wattage by the product’s voltage to determine its amp rating. The formula looks like this:

\[ \text{Amps} = \frac{\text{Watts}}{\text{Volts}} \]


For example, a 100-watt electric blanket uses 120 volts. Using the watts to amps conversion formula above, its amp rating will be 0.83 amps. Aside from using manual calculations, you can also use an online conversion tool to help you in this regard.

Here’s another example: assuming you have a 12V electric blanket using 60 watts of power. In this case, this particular model draws 5 amps from its connected power source. 

Do Electric Blankets Cost a Lot of Electricity


An electric blanket’s energy costs can also depend on different factors, including your location and usage time. For instance, electricity expenses can be less expensive in Vermont than in Connecticut.

Also, you’ll typically spend extra money on energy costs as you use the electric blanket for an extended period. So, consider setting a specific number of hours when using the small appliance when planning your electricity expenditures.


How many amps does an electric blanket use? Remember, you must consider factors like the blanket’s size and level setting to determine its amp draw. For example, a small blanket will typically draw less power than a large model.

Note that you can use manual calculations to verify an electric blanket’s amp draw. However, you must supply the formula with the correct data, particularly the product’s wattage and voltage ratings, to determine the right amperage. 

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