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How Many Watts is 6.5 Amps? – Conversion Formula

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

How Many Watts Is 6.5 Amps

Identifying the power draw of certain devices, such as a string trimmer or a conventional fire alarm panel, can help reduce energy expenses. But the question is, how many watts is 6.5 amps, especially for those units?

The wattage rating of a 6.5-amp device depends on its voltage. For instance, a 6.5-amp 48-volt DC appliance typically uses 312 watts, but this number can change in AC circuits.

Continue reading to learn how to find the correct wattage rating for your electronic product.

Calculating 6.5 Amps in Watts

Amp-to-watt conversion is typically possible by multiplying the amps by the volts. However, this way of figuring out the wattage of a device, particularly a 6.5-amp unit, is generally only applicable to Direct Current (DC) products.

The formula to use changes if the 6.5-amp device runs on single- or three-phase Alternating Current (AC). You’ll find the formulas to use for each current type below:

1. Converting 6.5 Amps to Watts in Single-Phase AC


Calculating the wattage rating of a device using single-phase AC involves the following formula:

\[ \text{Watts} = \text{Amps} \times \text{Power Factor (PF)} \times \text{Voltage} \]

For example, your 6.5-amp appliance uses 220V. Assuming that the PF is 0.5, the power drawn by that product is 715 watts.

2. Converting 6.5 Amps to Watts in Three-Phase AC


As for finding the wattage of 6.5 amps in three-phase AC, the formula to use depends on whether the current is in line-to-line or line-to-neutral voltage. If your device has line-to-line voltage, use the following formula:

\[ \text{Watts} = \text{Amps} \times \sqrt{3} \times \text{PF} \times \text{Voltage} \]

For example, your 6.5-amp device is connected to a 12V power source. Assuming that the power factor is 1 for this connection, the product’s power draw will be 135.1 watts.

For the three-phase line-to-neutral voltage AC, you only need to use the absolute value of 3 instead of its squared value. So, the formula will look like this:

\[ \text{Watts} = \text{Amps} \times 3 \times \text{PF} \times \text{Voltage} \]

For instance, assuming that the PF is 0.5 and the voltage rating for the 6.5-amp device is 240V. If so, the product’s power draw is 2,340 watts.

Amps to Watts Table

Below is a conversion table you may use to see the relationship between amps and watts in greater detail. Note that the values below may not be identical to your setup. Consult a certified professional if necessary.

Voltage DC Single-Phase AC Three-Phase Line-to-Line Voltage AC Three-Phase Line-to-Neutral Voltage AC
110 715 watts
120 780 watts 780
220 1430 watts 1,688,75 watts 2,925 watts
230 1,492 watts 1,495 watts 4,485 watts
400 4,503.3 watts

Note: PF used for AC variants in the table above is 1.


This post should give you the answer to your question, “how many watts is 6.5 amps?” Remember, you must first verify if your device is AC or DC. If it’s the former, check if it’s using single-phase, three-phase line-to-line voltage, or line-to-neutral voltage.

Ensure you pick the correct formula based on your findings. If you’re unsure about how to proceed, request help from a certified and trustworthy electrician.

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