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How Many Amps Does an Air Fryer Use? (Based on Size, Brand,…)

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how many amps does an air fryer use

Air fryers are a great appliance when it comes to healthy cooking. With it, you can enjoy crispy dishes without the cons of deep frying. Plus, this appliance doesn’t require as much energy as an oven.

So, you might be wondering, “How many amps does an air fryer use?”

It usually depends on its size. The larger the unit, the more current it can draw. Typically, you can expect 3.3 to 15 amps, with 240V models using less current.

A much more detailed explanation for these current ratings will be discussed in detail below.

How Many Amps Does an Air Fryer Pull?


Nowadays, air fryers are becoming more popular for households who want the taste of oily foods with fewer calories. They provide us with the ease of better and faster cooking as well. This way, we may prepare our delicacies without using as much fat as traditional deep frying.

If you wonder how much electricity does an air fryer use, the answer is straightforward. It all depends on the air fryer voltage and wattage ratings.

However, before we get into the calculation process, let me first give you an idea of the different sizes and brands of air fryers.

Sizes of Air Fryers


 01 Small Size Air Fryer

A small-size air fryer usually comes with 2 quarts or up to 1.8 Litres of food capacity. If you live alone in an apartment, a small 800 watt air fryer might be more than enough for your needs. This size is enough for efficiently cooking a few chicken tender parts.

 02 Medium Size Air Fryer

The medium air fryer is twice the size of the small model, allowing you to cook twice as much food. It has a capacity of 4 quarts or up to 3.7 liters and can handle enough food for four people.

Even though this size is double the small type, its air fryer amp draw is not that high (around 10 amps vs. 8 amps if we compare the two).

 03 Large Size Air Fryer

Finally, there is a large air fryer with a meal capacity of more than 5 quarts or 4.7 Litres. This size can cook a whole chicken, which would be ideal for certain family gatherings. However, due to its size, the air fryer amperage is also quite high (reaching 16 amps or so).

Brands of Air Fryers

 01 Cuisinart Air Fryer


One of the best air fryers in the market today is Cuisinart. It is typically a large unit with a rating of 1800 watts, offering features like adjustable temperatures and grilling. When used with a 120v standard outlet rating, this air fryer power usage requires an average of 15 amps. The amperage goes down by half if paired with a 240V outlet.

 02 Ninja Air Fryer


This air fryer is available as single-basket and two-basket units. However, unlike Cuisinart, its large-size unit may have a rating of 1550 watts to 1760 watts. As a result, its amperage rating also varies from 12.5 amps to 15 amps when used with a 120v outlet.

 03 Power Air Fryer XL


The Power air fryer XL is a trusted brand that offers high quality and good performance. It has a standard 1700 watts large unit, which uses a current rating of 14.6 amp in a 120v standard outlet. If put on a 240V circuit, 1700/240 = 7.08 amps.

 04 Philips Air Fryer


A large Philips air fryer wattage primarily ranges from 1500 up to 1700 watts. As a result, if it is used in a 120v standard outlet, it might consume 12.5 to 14.2 amps.

 05 Nuwave Air Fryer


Nuwave air fryers are a bit different from some other brands. This is because they have units that contain two settings. Nuwave air fryer wattage settings can be 600 watts or 1500 watts, so users can save power if they want to.

Higher wattage usually comes with faster preparation of dishes, perfect for those in a rush.

Calculate Volt, Amp, and Watt

To get the am rating of an air fryer, you can use the formula Amp=Watts/Voltage. This means you should know first how many watts your air fryer has, then divide it by its voltage rating.

I’ve listed some different ratings of air fryers and how much power they can draw to make the calculation easier for you.

Air Fryer Rating 110V 120V 240V
800 Watts 7.3 Amps 6.67 Amps 3.33 Amps
1000 Watts 9.1 Amps 8.33 Amps 4.17 Amps
1200 Watts 10.9 Amps 10 Amps 5 Amps
1400 Watts 12.7 Amps 11.67 Amps 5.83 Amps
1600 Watts 14.5 Amps 13.33 Amps 6.67 Amps
1800 Watts 16.3 Amps 15 Amps 7.5 Amps
  • Note: Aside from the given formula and chart, you can also use an air fryer power consumption calculator that can be found online. This will give you a more accurate result, including the usage cost.

Factors Affecting an Air Fryer Amp Usage


It is helpful to understand that some factors affect the air fryer energy consumption. In this case, let us talk about them in detail below.

  1. Size of Air Fryer In general, the first factor affecting the energy consumption of an air fryer is its size. This is due to larger units taking longer to heat up. As a result, go for 3 quarts at best if the only users are you and your roommate.
  2. Voltage RatingThe unit’s voltage rating can also have an impact on its energy consumption. Given the same wattage, a higher volt will result in a lower amp.
  3. Usage Time – Obviously, if you use your air fryer for a longer period of time, it will continue to draw current. Cooking too much food for the device’s capacity is a major cause of extended cooking time. Furthermore, it will also result in uneven heating of ingredients.
  4. Frequency of Use – Another factor is how frequently you use your air fryer. Even if you just use it for less than an hour every time you cook, using it more than once a day will significantly impact your energy consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air Fryers Use a Lot of Amps?

In general, no. For example, a typical 4-quart 240v 1500 watt air fryer may only consume 6.25 amps. There are also other home appliances that tend to drain more energy, such as irons and heaters.

How Does an Air Fryer Work?


The term “air fryer” refers to the use of hot air to cook food. This hot air is produced by the heating elements that reside within the unit. It does not fry the food but rather dries it to give it the appearance of being fried. That is why we called it an air fryer.

Comparing Power Usage Between an Air Fryer Vs Oven


As the graph shows, an oven requires far more watts than an air fryer watt usage. It may take 2500 watts or up to 3500 watts, whereas an air fryer needs less than half of that, around 1000 watts.

You will also notice that the oven takes a much longer time to heat up than the air fryer. An oven can take up to ten minutes, whereas an air fryer just takes three to five minutes. However, these differences are reasonable, considering that the oven has a far higher capacity than the air fryer.


Can I Use an Air Fryer in a Car?

Yes, it is possible to use an air fryer in a car, especially if it is a portable unit that is rated for a 12v power supply. However, if it is not rated for 12v, you might need a 12-volt adapter to connect and make it properly.


Learning how many amps does an air fryer use is essential to pinpoint which circuit suits your unit. This way, you can prevent overloading the circuit and reduce the risk of electrical hazards.

Even though an air fryer takes little current, this does not mean it can be plugged into any outlet. It is a good idea to check your electrical ports and your unit’s voltage rating first.

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